Smell Proof Bag Leather

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 ✔Smoking Smell Proof Bag / Leather Tobacco Pouch

✔Comes With A Combination Lock For the super Herb Odor Proof Stash, Which Comes With A Waterproof Container Case

✔100% Activated Carbon: Lining activated carbon has excellent capacity for filtration, adsorption and neutralization of odor.
Unique Design: This bag has separation layer inside, making it unique and different.
Waterproof Zipper: Waterproof body, the deodorant bag has an advantage that other fabrics do not have.
High Quality Slider Comes With Comfortable Quality Material to touch, the bag is durable, bright in color and smooth in using.
 The product can be used to store cosmetics, toiletries, candies, magazines, purses, stationery, postcards, medicine and books.

Packing List:

1*storage bag