Aqua bluetooth speaker

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 ✔ Put some life into your shower with our brand new bluetooth  waterproof.Our speaker Supports wireless bluetooth transmission by adopting new technology of Bluetooth 4.1 chip👌

 ✔ The new waterproof gadget comes with a Built-in Microphone with high quality audio decode chip, that lets you enjoy stereo music anywhere.

 ✔ New and improved 🙌 All hands 👉Free  speaker, which allows you to answer calls  when in the shower, car, house, virtually anywhere

💦Waterproof design. It can be used in bathroom, sand beach and swimming pool. This gadget is completly water proof

Special suction cup design. It can suck on any flat surface including desk, wall and window

 ✔Broad compatibility. It's compatible with a variety of bluetooth-enable devices and mobile phone applications

✔ On-board Controls - Control the TUNES📻 without jumping out of the shower. The unit has controls to skip tracks, pause and restart, or go forward and back.

✔ Answer calls with built-in microphone

 complete waterproof - Dimensions- 7”x5”x2”

Speaker available in Pink, Blue, Black ,White, Green, Yellow, White 








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