Neck pain relief pillow

Neck pain relief pillow
Neck pain relief pillow
Neck pain relief pillow
Neck pain relief pillow
Neck pain relief pillow
Neck pain relief pillow
Neck pain relief pillow
Neck pain relief pillow
Neck pain relief pillow
Neck pain relief pillow
Neck pain relief pillow
Neck pain relief pillow

Neck pain relief pillow

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Instant neck pain relief got so much easier to achieve! Eliminate your pain in less than 20 minutes!



The Expandable Pain-Relief Neck Pillow Collar helps aches and pains by increasing blood circulation to all structures of the cervical spine and oxygenating muscles, nerves and tendons, thus decreasing pain and promoting relaxation. You control the speed and the pressure on your shoulders, as the Collar works to improve your posture and relieve tension in your spine.

For initial results, we recommend using the device 2-4 times a day for 25-35 minutes per session. 

You Deserve Your strained neck deserves It This Is The Best product Out There!

Neck Pain Relief Pillow Is Made of high-quality materials! We’re Very confident in our product because we have thoroughly tested it against the leading devices. 

The Expandable Pain-Relief Neck Pillow Collar INSTANTLY relieves acute and chronic pains by gently stretching and relaxing your shoulder and neck. Our Collar Works Just To List A Few.

  •  Improving neck and shoulder mobility
  •  Decompressing difficult to heal bulging discs
  •  Increasing blood circulation
  • Results in just 20 minutes a day
  • No pain or sensitivity
  • Fits all neck sizes


The Neck Pain Inflatable Pillow will provide you with an instant pain relief when you need it, in-home alternative solution to expensive chiropractors and regular massage therapies for your neck pain.



Simple answer

More complicated answer 

Inflatable Pillow fits necks of all sizes thanks to the adjustable strap system. The great Velcro straps allow you to adjust it to your desired width, providing you with a  excellent, comfortable, and effective fit 


ONLY-20 minutes.


WOW-Super fast Instant results!

 super easy to use -- just put it around your neck, adjust to the desired tightness. Then pump until the pillow becomes inflated and takes the pressure off your neck. Sit back, relax, and enjoy! You can wear it at home or at work without interacting your daily schedule. 



Safe & Pain Free


Increase In Blood Flow & Neck Comfort


Positively Affected Customers


Recommended and supported by chiropractors from 30 different countries! 

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Faster pain relief than Chiropractors 

Whitens in 10 minutes   

Quick Action - Helps in 20 minutes a day





* This traction device supports the neck, while elevating the jawbone. This creates optimal spine alignment, which relieves tension in your nerves. Many people experience back, spine and shoulder pain relief and spasm relief.
* No assembly required. Step-by-step instructions ensure your getting the best use of our cervical traction unit. We know how important it is to have detailed instructions and we want you to be as comfortable as possible
* No matter where you are on stiff days, experience spinal traction at home or on the go. Itrsquos soft, lightweight and small enough to fit in your suitcase, purse, car or backpack.
* This cervical pillow is easily adjustable so you can control the amount of air for a comfortable spinal stretch to relax your neck and shoulders.
Name: Inflatable Air Cervical Neck Traction
Color: Brown 
Apply to: Neck
Layer: 3 Layer
Used for: Neck Support
Size: One size, adjustable
Package include
1* Cervical Neck Traction



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