Multifunctional vegetable slicer

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Our ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Multi-Functional Rotating Kitchen Cutter comes with an innovative drainage system that allows you to clean fruits and veggies directly in the colander bowl as you cut!

✔Cut your all your fresh vegetables in a one-step easy process!

Our new cutting system is virtually mess and hassle-free!

“We give this one five stars, it's one of the best cutting mechanisms I've ever used. It's literally hassle-free! This system makes cutting veggies and fruits, effortless.”

TIPS: Cut and wash all your fruits or fruit veggies at the same time! Our package Comes with a variety of features that make cutting, slicing, and dicing easy!

Multi-style Knife Head: Depending on your needs, you can pick and choose the style of knife head that you want to use

Ergonomic Handle: One-handed design that is comfortable & safe

Reliable: Device won't skid off of surfaces or scratch your table

Removable Cutter: The cutting cover can be removed for easy cleaning

Comfortable one hand control

Types Of Cutters Included:
1. 1.5mm Thin Film Cutter Head
2. 3mm Medium Silk Cutter
3. 4mm Thick Knife Head
4. Grated Knife Head
5. 2.5mm Thick Knife Head
6. 2mm Cutting Knife Head
7. Slicing Knife

 Usage: Cutting vegetables, washing vegetables
 Material: High-quality PP material
 Size: 22 x 22 x 11 cm
 Color: White & Gray
 Weight: 650g

— 1 X Multi-Functional Rotating Kitchen Cutter (Including Accessories)

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