Grill Cheese Raclette

Grill Cheese Raclette
Grill Cheese Raclette
Grill Cheese Raclette
Grill Cheese Raclette
Grill Cheese Raclette

Grill Cheese Raclette

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Crazy about cheese? With the Mini Grill Cheese Raclette, you can melt cheese and add it to your favorite dishes with ease. This little, portable melter features a heating base, cooking tray and a spatula to help you cook and spread your favorite cheese on whatever dishes you choose, in the most elegant and inspired way possible!

Features and benefits:

  • Grills Cheese to Gooey Perfection: This personal cheese melter can turn any cheese into melty magnificence in just four minutes! It grills layers of cheese to gooey perfection that’s ideal for adding to boiled potatoes, nachos, grilled sandwiches, baguettes, toasts, cornichons, dried meats and even pickled vegetables.
  • Easy to Use: No lighter fluids or cords needed. This mini grill only needs 3 tea lights (not included) to melt your cheese to yummy perfection. In addition, the cooking tray has a non-stick coating, so sliding the cheese out is easy with the included spatula.
  • Convenient:The tray and grill fold up for compact storage and easy portability, making it convenient to bring on picnics, camping or to a friend's house for a raclette dinner party.
  • A Breeze to Clean: The non-stick surface of the tray and spatula ensure that no grease or cheese is left behind, making it easy to clean by hand. Simply wash with warm water and soap.

material:stainless steel+wood+nylon


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color: red/black

size: 30*9*6cm/11.81*3.54*2.36in

weight: 312g

material: stainless steel+wood+nylon

package quantity: a set








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