Drain hair Stopper

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✔It is the worst feeling in the world when facing a clogged drain, the standing dirty water is not fun to shower in.

✔But we can eliminate this problem easily with 2-in-1 mushroom drain stopper.


🔷The product has 4-size rubber ring support standard tub drain with diameter of 1.35" to 1.75" , tub drain with depth 1.10"-1.48".

✔ Catch Hairs & Small items
With its unique and innovative design, catches hairs and small things from all directions, without slowing water drainage. Hairs are neatly collected out of sight.

✔ Handy Bath Stopper

It doubles as a bathtub drain stopper. Its watertight, non-toxic silicon mushroom top can keep water in tub with zero leakage for hours! There is no need to switch between drain hair catcher and tub drain stopper anymore.

✔ How to Use? Easy!
Insert it into your bathtub drain.
Keep the cap sealed when you fill water in tub. Flip the cap upwards to drain your tub and to catch hair.
Remove collected hair from the bottom part.

Package included:
👉 1*Strainer Hair Catcher

To make sure the product fits your drain, we suggest to MEASURE your bathtub drain before your order.


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